Reflection on Twitter Scavenger Hunts

Alright so last week, each student of the class took place in what Dr. Bali called the Twitter Scavenger hunt.

The first step of this scavenger hunt is to take a picture of something mysterious to which we had to add the hashtag #unboundeq. We then had to answer someone else’s tweet and then respond to our notifications.

Honestly, I thought this activity was great on many different levels.

Firstly, I had never used Twitter before so I thought it was more of a Facebook type of platform. I turned out to be completely wrong. Twitter -in my opinion- is way more interactive then facebook.

Also, I believe that in all courses that include interactions between students there must be an ice-breaking activity. Ice-breaking activities are made for people to feel comfortable with their class. Yet i believe that in normal ice-breaking activities the shy people won’t put their input, nor talk or get involved. I think these people are more comfortable talking and expressing their feelings/guesses  regarding a certain topic  behind a screen which is exactly why I would give the Twitter Scavenger Hunt a 10!

I’m not the type that needs ice-breaking activities which first gave me the impression that this scavenger hunt was going to be some king of cliché childish game. Turns out it’s completely the opposite due to the fact that it’s based on a platform that quite “in” for our age group.

Also I really like the fact that we were linked to the outer world. We had tweets from Australia and other countries which was very interesting. The fact that this course is on international basis surprised me and made it way more interesting in a split of a second.

To cut a long story short : Chapeau to the Twitter Scavenger hunt of Dr. Bali. #unboundeq


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