Lina Mounzer’s article

I’m not a reading type of guy and i get bored of stories really fast. To be more specific i get bored of what I would call useless details. Yet, while reading this article it seriously grabbed my attention as all details were very emotional, true and quite harsh which made them very appealing.

I would give it a ‘hats off’ for the extremely catchy second sentence : I have been threatened, beaten, strip-searched, thrown in prison, tortured and made to watch as my mother knelt weeping at the dirty feet of tribal leaders to beg for any information about my kidnapped father. Honestly speaking, if you read a sentence like this in any book or article would you not want to keep reading? I did.

This article also taught me that when a writer is passionate about his work, he/she manages to make the reader feel the right message or maybe even relate.  Lina Mounzer is definitely passionate about her job as she managed to make me become very emotional when reading the article at some points.

To cut a long story short, this article is a must read! (This coming from a person that’s not a big reader).


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