Reflection on digital games phase 1

The first game I played is called ‘SPENT‘.  SPENT is a game in which you (the player) are put in a situation in which a lot of Americans are put in. All your savings are gone, you are unemployed and push the month threw with only 1’000$. The point of the game is to pass by all the scenarios and see how you’ll manage to pay what you need for living. I personally loved this game. First of all, we – Middle easterns – tend to think that Americans all live a great life compared to ours. That they live in peace. This game is a reminder that this is not the case. Poverty is all around the world and it’s tough. What I liked about the game was that as the eldest son in my family I have never realized to what extent bills can appear from anywhere and everywhere. I really liked the fact that in a way it made me open my eyes up to the fact that having a family under your responsibility is absolutely not easy. However, I didn’t like the fact that some things were illogical. For example a family struggling to live shouldn’t have a pet as it is expensive to maintain it and is absolutely not a priority. I think the game should have given us the option of either having a pet or not. Honestly this game made me feel blessed. It made me be thankful for what I have, for the type of parents that I have.

The second game is called the Syrian journey which is basically a game in which you are a Syrian person, father of a family that needs to get to Europe for a safe living environment. You are to decide each step the family takes and try to keep them alive. We all know that the life of a Syrian refugee is far from being easy. Yet I personally had no idea that the decisions were this difficult -which is what I really liked about the game-. It is eye-opening to how atrociously hard it can be for Syrians. I personally failed to get the family to Europe and drowned in the sea with my family which gave me a deeper understanding of how difficult it could be knowing that I am taking the decisions behind a screen and not even in real life. Yet what I didn’t like about this game was that in each scenario i only had one of two options which I believe wouldn’t have always been the case in real life. However, this game really made me feel bad for them. Until i played this game , I thought that all Syrian refugees took more or less the same path when leaving the country which I learned wasn’t the case.

The third game I played is called Bad News. Unlike the previous ones, this game didn’t really impress me a lot. It’s about creating a blog from which you attract followers by gaining credibility while posting fake news and posts. Yet, what I liked about it is the fact that it gives a deeper understanding of how easily one could get fooled on the internet. What I disliked though is that the game is too long and gets boring at a certain point as it is too long and has no intriguing story.  Bad news yet managed to make me feel weak. Weak in the sense that I now realized that I have probably been fooled a lot before from people spending their time inventing facts and impersonating people. I learned how bloggers that have a lot of followers reach this point -which was a question that has always been in the back of my mind-.

The fourth one is more of a presentation than it is a game. It is called “responsible partying” this last one is about a scenario where you are going to a party which is supposed to be the hit party of the year. You are to choose wether you drink or not, wether you should have something with a girl etc.. Basically you are put in the situations that one is put in in parties. I liked the game because when you are behind the screen and take a decision it is way easier than in real life. I honestly would’ve gone with all the bad decisions if I was in that party. However, what i didn’t like about the game was that the answers barely changed anything in the rest of the ‘game’. It was more of a presentation which i disliked as it was straight forward a kind of a lesson. However it managed to make me feel like the ‘bad guy’. Hence, from now on I will think twice when i’m partying.

The voter suppression trail was the last game I played. This last one is short yet interesting. It puts you in a scenario where you can choose to be one of three people from different states that have to vote. I chose the Latina woman. When she was in the long voting line she noticed she needs to get her son from school. I had two options, either stay in the line or go get her son from school. I chose the second option. I liked this game because it is done in an old school gameboy type of game. However it’s quite slow which was the only thing i disliked in it. People tend to tell you to vote no matter what yet when it comes to family matters one wouldn’t prioritize voting in any sense. The game didn’t really teach me anything but it made me realize that it is quite tough to prioritize voting and yet easy to tell others that they should vote no matter what.


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