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The last post I’ve posted was a mistake. It should’ve been about equity but I misread the word as ’empathy’. Hence, I’ll be correcting my error by writing today a post about equity.

In my opinion, equity has been a main driving key of this course which makes it very interesting and captivating. All of us know that equity should be present in our daily lives, in all activities. But do we actually do that ? Do we always do that though? Are people all actually equal in our minds? I don’t think so. Or at least I can say that this wasn’t the case for me before joining this class.

During this class, we’ve discussed stereotypes which I believe are the main factor that opposes to equity. We tend to think that we’re better than others that we stereotype which deletes the idea of equity. Dr Bali has been giving all of us (students of the class) the exact same opportunities to talk, feedback, help, and motivation which honestly makes me look up to her when it comes to equity. This is something I learned from her as I honestly sometimes tend to treat people based on what their interests are, based on how they look. I’ve learned to stop doing that and only judge people after giving them the chance to prove who they are and what they’re good at.

For some reason, the activity that marked me the most concerning equity is the Soliya online conversation because we were all strangers to one another and yet we all gave the chance to the others to speak their words. If I was to simply look at how my colleagues in the activity I would’ve had the exact opposite image of what they actually are. Wether the speaker was from Iran, Syria, US, Canada or even Egypt we were all students, all interested in learning from this activity, all contributing with our thoughts.. We are all equal. Equity was in the center of the conversation.

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