Final draft of “Being under the influence” game

This game is about a person in high school that is invited to the hit party of the semester. The player walks in the high schooler’s shoes and choses wether to get under the influence or not knowing that his parent’s are out of the country and he is the designated driver of the night.

The game’s first idea was written here and I explained some of the scenarios on my second blogpost about the game. On the second draft of the game I got several comments that helped me ameliorate the game as much as I could. What I mainly changed since the last draft was the colors of the text as my Professor had told me it was more or less monotonous. To make it more entertaining and less like a powerpoint presentation, I added background pictures that relate to the topic of the slide. Another thing I changed was the fact that there was a specific situation in which the player had no option and had to “smoke illegal substances”. I now gave the player an option to refuse which would lead him to get rejected and laughed at leading to the end of the game as he/she would decide to go home. I believe this would make the player want to play again trying the other option.

If I had more time I would’ve tried to make it the story of a whole weekend or a week instead of a simple day because one can more easily resist temptation on a night out than on a long term basis.

To play the game click here !

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