Fake news

Fake news have been surrounding us at all times without us even noticing.

I have realized that social media platforms such as facebook are the main agglomeration of fake news as anyone who has followers could manage to post whatever picture adding a caption to it. The thing is this picture could give an extremely wrong image of what is truly happening at a certain time. In fact, it could even be the opposite of what is truly happening. In egypt for example, there were times when the soldiers of the army were pictured as being harsh, heartless and reckless while they were actually trying to fight for the population’s safety and well being.

Something I had never understood about fake news was how do the page owners manage to gain this much likes and follows while they’re lying. I got a slightly better idea of how this works when I played the fake news game (fake it till you make it) we were assigned to play in class. I understood that they either played on emotions, on something very close to reality or on a name that people could confound with the name of someone famous that has credibility.


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