First of all I must say how great I think this course is very diverted and has a very special way in teaching students. It is not a class where the lesson -what we learn- gets to us by taking notes, revising power points. It’s a course in which we learn because the content grabs us in  a way or another.

I got specially caught while we were talking about the theme “Equity”. I think it is a very important topic that educational entities tend to neglect which is one of the reasons why racism and other sorts of discriminations rates aren’t decreasing. Or at least barely.

My contribution idea to this course would most probably an activity which would consist in forming groups in the class that would later on have to do a survey based questions related to equity in which they would have to interview people from different social levels and different jobs. At the end of the day we must admit that we – AUC students-  are privileged to a certain extent, we live in a certain community which would more or less have the same opinions (or at least for the majority) concerning equity. Students would get to know how people outside this “community” think concerning this topic.

As part of this course is somehow about extraverting the students (like when we had to have the Soliya conferences) it would be interesting to know views different from what other people in this course have.


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