Phase 2 : Game Topic

Our game (Mahmoud and I) will be based on DUI (driving under the influence). We took this decision based on several things.

First of all , Mahmoud and I often go to parties where the guy takes his car knowing that he’s drinking just so he could drive his girl friends home. We know several people that have that do that at all occasions yet quite of them already had accidents because they were under the influence. The game is to raise awareness about the third person effect concerning driving under the influence

I have personally had a very bad car accident in Switzerland which completely changed my lifestyle on different scales.

Therefore I think I would have quite a good background to create a game in which scenarios will be more or less  like :   ‘you are going to a party that’s about an hour away from home, you have no gas and 500 pounds. Would you prefer putting a full tank of gas so you don’t have to do it later, would you put just enough gas and buy a couple of drinks there or would you go with a friend that’s going to drink and you get a bottle with the money you have?’

your decisions in the game should lead you to realize that even if you have ever driven under the influence and nothing, it absolutely doesn’t mean you’re stronger than others and that you’re the exception of the DUI rule.

4 thoughts on “Phase 2 : Game Topic

  1. Great topic and it makes a huge difference when you create a game about something you truly deeply know and care about. I’m looking forward to how this develops but also to how accessible the game is for different people within your target audience (those who drink responsibly vs not and vs those who do not drink at all or not yet). Is it targeting people who are younger around 14 or older around 20s?


  2. I love the idea and I think its very relevant to teenagers and people who have started driving recently who are not fully aware of the consequences of their action. Maybe you can also add people who drive under the influence of drugs as that would include a larger sector of our society and is also a reason for many horrible accidents.


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