Blog about empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand or even share the emotions of someone else. I can’t deny that empathy is one of the traits that have been intensified the most in me thanks to this course.

Ever since we had to play the different games, I can’t get my mind off Syrians. I always knew what empathy was but never felt it this way through a simple game.

We most probably all know how bad the Syrian situation is, but do we actually ? I honestly had no idea the situation was this hard for them but this game.  This game left me with nothing but empathy towards Syrians.

The game helped me learn as it took you throw every single step of the journey fleeing from their homeland to somewhere else where they could start a new life.

Lina Mounzer’s article is also something we studied in class which really made me feel empathy as the details explained were very realistic and painful.

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